Granphil Zeth

Dead arcana merchant who was discovered fatelly injured.


Granphil was an eldery, white-haired human merchant. His specialty was arcana. Merchants of magic are very rare, and those — like Granphil — who take up the profession tend to travel from town to town rather than ever having an established storefront.

Granphil was severed in half when his wagon plummeted down the 100’ cliff edge of Northbriar Road. He was kept alive only by the weight of the wagon crushing him and preventing him from bleeding out.

After the adventurers killed the goblins that were salvaging the wreckage, he told the adventurers that he and his daughter, Gwendolyn Zeth (also found in the rubble, unconscious but relatively uninjured) were run off the road by two town guards from Whitebriar for refusing to pay a toll on Northbriar road.

The adventurers know that there is no such toll required by the city. His dying request is for the party to see that his daughter is safely transported to the town and tended to. They have no other family, and he asks that she be provided for via sale or his meager collection of magical artifacts.

Before dying he asked the adventurers to bring to justice the two guards who murdered him and hurt his little girl. Katar, in an act of mercy, at the old man’s own request, ended the old mans suffering with a quick slash to the throat.


Granphil Zeth

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