Mysterious Flaming Blade

Flaming sword with strange tabulated runes (bardic magic) on the blade.

weapon (melee)

This magic longsword bursts into flames at the will of the wielder (or also when they become angry). When wreathed in its flames, the blade is aglow with red runes that appear to be tabulated runes (musical notes) for some sort of bardic magic/song.

The blade was taken in game session #1 when Zubb, the leader of the Northbriar Road goblin warren dropped it. It’s most likely that Zubb acquired it from the nearby wagon crash of the arcane merchant Granphil Zeth.

The entire sword glows with a strong evocation aura when detect magic is cast upon it.


Mysterious Flaming Blade

Whitebriar Adventures (Working Title) JustinMason