Whitebriar Adventures (Working Title)

Game Session #1
Those Pesky Kids

PCs Appearing: Groolgani, Katar, Nesegar, Vishnu.
Experience Awarded:  5,880 XP (slaying 30 goblin warriors, 1 goblin leader, and 2 wild boars. Accomplishing plot objectives.)

The GM will post event notes here after or during the game session.


Notes: from Aaron —>

Town of Whitebriar. Four friends (Nesegar, Groolgani, Vishnu, and Katar) live relatively mundane lives in the town. After a hard days work, the four meet in the Grand Bazaar to find something to eat and unwind when the spy a figure approaching. They recognize her as the Widow Harrietta Hatterson, who has suffered a nasty headwound. Investigation reveals that she has been attacked by children who have been pilfering the pumpkins from her patch at her estate north of town, near the woods. The four agree to help her investigate the matter for a fee of 50 GP, and a home cooked meal. After seeing her safely to the infirmary, the group prepares to set out for the Manor Hatterson when they encounter a pair of city guardsmen, behaving strangely and rather in a hurry. Following the pair, it is discovered that they have simply vanished and, rather than waste time trying to track them down, the party sets out for the Hatterson estate. On the way out of town, they encountere the Widow again, going in the wrong direction, and they guide her home. Upon their arrival, the Widow offers them their payment, which she has forgotten. Three of the four members of the group accept 100GP a piece, while Nesegar refuses and accepts the meal as payment. The Widow's estate is in horrid repair, and is unsafe, yet she moves about it and prepares a meal with no concern for her surroundings. The four are treated to a meal of obviously magical nature, as their foodstuffs and drinks refill themselves, and the supply seems endless. They press the Widow for information and she reveals that she worked at the OLD library in town – the one that burned down 200 years ago. A commotion in the pumpkin patch leads the four outside to an encounter with three goblins, two of which escape into the woods. After dealing with their foe, the four make their way north of the estate and find a cavern entrance, and make their way inside. Surviving traps and a goblin ambush, the four are faced with Zub, the leader of the goblin horde, and make quick work of him. Spying flashes of rainbow color in the distance, the four make their way through the cavern and find themselves at the base of a chasm, the mangled remnant of a wagon, and a pile of rubble. As they investigate, they are beset by 12 goblins who have been toying with the goods within the wagon – a variety of magical items including potions, wands, and other valuables. After felling the last goblin, the party find a horribly wounded wizard (named forthcoming) who is renowned in the area for his travelling magic shop. He informs the party that he was on the way to Whitebriar with his daughter when they were halted by the city guard and asked to pay a toll. When he refused and carried on his way, they guards gave chase and ran the two off the road and down into the chasm. Nearby, his daughter, Gwendolyn, lies unconscious, no worse for the wear despite their treacherous fall from the road above. With his final moments, the wizard requests that the party protect his daughter, and to find who is responsible and bring them to justice. In an act of mercy, Katar ends the wizards pained existence, and the four gather the remaining good from the wagon, form a sled from its wreckage, and prepare to return to Whitebriar, resolved to dig deeper into the wizard's accusations, and to seek help for Gwendolyn.


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