Gwendolyn Zeth

Comatose daughter for the arcana merchant, Granphil Zeth


There’s not much known about Gwendolyn as she has been unconscious since discovered by the adventurers. She appears to be a young teenage human girl with fair skin, smooth features, and long blonde hair. She wears a strange white silk gown that seems to retain no soiling (obviously some sort of mundane magic).

She is the daughter of Granphil Zeth and is in a deep coma likely caused by the catastrophic wagon wreck (which killed her father) off the cliff edge of Northbriar Road on their way to the town of Whitebriar.

Her father was discovered mortally wounded, and upon his own request, put out of his misery by the adventurers. Gwendolyn, and the salvageable inventory from the destroyed wagon, were recovered by the adventurers and taken back to down where they intend to deliver Gwendolyn to the infirmary to recover — and hopefully awaken and help to identify those who caused the tragic wreck.


Gwendolyn Zeth

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