Harrietta Haverson

Old Widow Haverson, Dilapidated Mansion north of Whitebriar


Harrietta Haverson is an elderly senile widow who lives alone on the outskirts of Whitebriar in her dilapidated mansion. She has lived there as long as anyone can remember, and is known for her prize-winning pumpkins; which she grows in her small stone-walled garden located behind her home.

She is friendly and presents a natural warm demeanor, but seems barely lucid with obvious signs of dementia; sometimes forgetting what she is speaking about mid-sentence.

Despite being “old money” and keeping a hidden stow of wealth in her home, the Haverson estate is in such ill repair that anyone inspecting the structure assumes it may collapse at any moment and that the place is unsafe to occupy. It’s obvious that though the old widow has the means to maintain the mansions, she lacks the cognitive ability to do so.

The adventurers first met Harrietta in the town of Whitebriar. They had gathered at week’s end after work and were in the central bazaar buying dinner when she was spotted. The old woman was bleeding from a deep gash on her forehead and stumbling about in a complete daze.

The adventurers rushed to her aid, and learned that she had been struck in the head by a stone thrown by a group of children who she was shewing away from her garden. After escorting the old woman to the town infirmary and having her wounds tended to, she asked the adventurers to help her stop the kids from stealing and smashing the pumpkins in her garden. They agreed, and escorted the seemingly confused crone back to her mansion.

According to conversation with Harrietta:

Her late husband was Grant Haverson, who was a mage of minor historical fame. He, and his young newlywed wife retired to the region, eventually founding the town of Whitebriar (210 years ago). The man has been dead for over 190 years.

She says that she once worked at the old town library as a curator, but the building she references burned down over 190 years ago.

If her statements are true, it is a mystery as to how she has lived so long, and she seems to be completely unaware of how many years shes has been alive. There is no doubt, strange magic is afoot in the old dilapidated mansion; as was witnessed by the adventurers when they were served dinner from the magically-replenishing feast located on the bountiful kitchen table.


Harrietta hired the adventurers for 50 gp to rid her of the “pesky children” stealing and smashing pumpkins from her garden. She asked that the adventurers make sure the children were held accountable by their parents.

Taking advantage of her dementia, the adventurers convinced her that she had promised to pay 100 gp to each of them for the task (up front) — which she paid without question (except for Nesegar who refused payment).

The kids stealing Harrietta’s pumpkins turned out to be the goblin warren of Nothbriar Ravine.

She keeps a “very large sum” of gold coins in a coffer in her study next to the fireplace, which the adventurers discovered when she opened (and dumped) it while paying them for their assistance.

Harrietta Haverson

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